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  • Drunk Dutch fans make life misery for local reporter

    A Ukrainian reporter trying to do a piece to camera got very different footage from what she intended thanks to the constant interruptions of Dutch fans.

    The reporter was aiming to give her audience a flavour of the mood of the travelling fans ahead of their game against Germany in Group B of Euro 2012.

    But every time she tries to start her report a worse-for-wear Dutch fan has the same idea - get in front of the camera and interrupt her.

    The reporter's efforts, resiliently starting over and over again, have now become a web smash, while the last laugh was emphatically on the fans.


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  • If you thought that a week of Euro 2012 action, the exit of Harry Redknapp from Tottenham, a Test match and Olympic non-selections would throw up a delicious quote or two, well... you'd be right.


    "It's not a case of me looking for security. What it's about is players knowing you've only got one year left on your contract and knowing that it doesn't work, basically. I think it's a situation of, 'well, he might not be here next year'" — Harry Redknapp on Monday. In short, speculation about my future is destabilising Spurs.

    "Absolute rubbish, absolute rubbish, absolute rubbish.

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  • Football’s greatest pies promoted to Harrods

    If you thought that Morecambe FC was not a name to conjure up images of the high life, think again: the League Two side's pies are now being sold by the swankiest shop in the world.

    Harrods, left, and Morecambe's Globe ArenaHarrods have started selling Morecambe's famous pies at their food counter in Knightsbridge, where well-heeled locals have been going mad for the steak and ale and chicken, ham and leek snacks.

    The pies are made at the club's ground, the Globe Arena, by pie maker Graham Aimson, and are being supplied to Harrods via a local butcher.

    "It is brilliant. To be supplying to the best shops in the country makes it all

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  • TPaul the Octopus, pictured correctly predicting the 2010 World Cup finalhe World Cup in South Africa two years ago taught us all three key lessons.

    First, Spanish-style tiki-taka football is great when done by Barcelona with Lionel Messi waiting to deliver the coup de grace, but excruciatingly dull to watch when Spain do it.

    Second, a dastardly intentional handball is one of the greatest sights in sport, so long as it's an act of extreme self-sacrifice to put your team into the semi-finals, as Uruguay's Luis Suarez did.

    And third, octopuses know an awful lot about football. Forget about Xavi or Mesut Oezil, the true star of the tournament that time round was Paul

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  • Allerton Castle and Danny Guthrie ( / PA Photos)

     Police were called to one of Britain's greatest stately homes as the wedding of former Newcastle United star Danny Guthrie descended into a mass brawl.

    Guests began throwing lobster thermidor at each other early in the evening during the reception at Allerton Castle near Harrogate.

    Full-blown violence erupted later in the evening as Guthrie's bride Rebecca Middleman was reportedly punched in the face and sent to hospital for checks.

    Staff at the venue - which was once owned by the brother of King George IV - told the Sunday Telegraph that the guests "behaved like peasants with money" and

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  • Arjen Robben stars for… Portugal?

    You'd think that any footballer whose career sees them play for Chelsea, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich would be pretty famous.

    When that player has taken part in both World Cup and Champions League finals, you'd be even more sure that he'd be a star worthy of recognition across the world.

    But not, it seems, if you're Arjen Robben: one of ESPN's Spanish language channels somehow thought the Dutch master was actually Portuguese in a massive billboard created to promote the station's coverage of Portugal's Euro 2012 match against Germany on Saturday night:

    Arjen Robben: Definitely not Portuguese. (@JavierAgustinSM)

    The mix-up left poor old Robben on the

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  • Euro 2012 commentary cliche bingo

    The European championships are finally upon us and that means one thing - punditry.

    In between the occasional insight, you can expect old-fashioned notions about the teams that no amount of evidence to the contrary will shift, platitudes in place of research because there are some long names to learn, and some classic football truisms.

    If you're a keen fan, the commentary and punditry can quickly grate. If you're not a fan, but you've been sucked in to watching a major tournament, it can all sound rather silly.

    Whatever the case might be, we have the perfect solution: commentary cliche bingo.

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  • Welcome back to another another smattering of sporting quotes from the week that was.

    "I have tremendous sympathy that his back is bad, but I've more sympathy for the other guy as, honestly, you cannot play against someone who is being such a drama queen. I don't think it is intentional, actually, but he feels so sorry for himself, he has no control over the fact he is not really acting in an adult way," 1977 women's Wimbledon champion Virginia Wade is slightly scathing of Andy Murray after her fellow Brit required treatment for a back injury during his 1-6 6-4 6-1 6-2 win over Jarkko

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  • Hansen mocked for ‘impossible prediction’

    BBC pundit Alan Hansen was subjected to ridicule on social networking sites after appearing to predict three teams from the same group would make the Euro 2012 semi-finals.

    The former Liverpool star, who reportedly earned £40,000 for each episode of Match of the Day last season, listed Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal as his semi-final tips for the tournament in an article posted on the BBC's website.

    However, with the Germans, Dutch and Portuguese all in Group B, it is impossible for all three to get out of the group as only two teams qualify.

    After football fans took great

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  • U12s football team calls in sports psychologist

    Football teams these days will do anything to get an edge on their opponents so there is nothing surprising in hearing about one calling in the help of a sport psychologist.

    However, what makes the situation unique at Scottish club Hutchison Vale is that their psychologist is trying to improve the performance of their under-12s team — some of whom are just eight years old.

    The Edinburgh team has developed Scottish internationals like John Collins and Kenny Miller in the past, but some parents have questioned the club's extreme measures.

    A parent, who refused to be named, told the Daily

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