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  • Dunne shirt gets felt-tip numbers

    Republic of Ireland had to draw a number on Richard Dunne's
    shirt in felt-tip because they forgot to bring a replacement.

    The defender needed a new shirt after a painful collision
    during the 0-0 draw against Russia in Moscow that left him needing four

    UEFA's Euro 2012 qualifying regulations dictate that all
    players must have a number on the front and rear of the shirt, so it fell to
    goalkeeping coach Alan Kelly to draw them on himself.

    Giovanni Trapattoni said: "In life, these things happen. We forgot the reserve

    "We wrote the number five and thank
    God, he went back on

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  • The £50,000 pod that helped Djokovic conquer the world

    Djokovic has revealed the bizarre, space-age recovery pod that helped him
    become the world's best tennis player.

    The Serbian,
    who has won the Australian Open and Wimbledon this season, used an egg-shaped
    machine designed by CVAC Systems that simulates being in high altitude conditions.

    claim that the £50,000 chamber alters air pressure and oxygen levels, compressing the
    muscles of the body at rhythmic intervals. The intention is to boost the body's
    ability to absorb oxygen into the bloodstream, helping it become more efficient.

    admitted before the US Open - for which he

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  • Ferdinand sparks White House security alert

    Rio Ferdinand unwittingly sparked a security alert at the White
    House after posting photos on Twitter.

    The Manchester United and England defender published several
    photos of a visit to Barack Obama's presidential home, taken on the club's pre-season
    tour in Washington DC.

    However one snap of security men - accompanied by the
    comment "The security needs beefing up here at
    the White House....!!" - was mysteriously deleted from his page.

    Ferdinand, who boasts 1.3
    million followers, commented: "Whoa....some1
    has got into my phone + taken down my pics off twitter....this is
    jack Bauer in

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  • Gymnast’s amazing skills make him web hit

    A Polish gymnast has become an internet sensation after his dazzling somersault skills went viral.

    A YouTube video entitled simply 'Is this even human?' featured Polish gymnast Jozef Wadecki showing off his simply astonishing tumbler skills and has already got hundreds of thousands of hits.

    Now World of Sport isn't much on gymnastics jargon, but according to Maggie Hendricks over at our sister site Yahoo! Sports: "Wadecki performs a front flip off of the springboard, followed by a whipback (a no-handed backhandspring), back handspring, triple twist, whipback, back handspring, triple twist.

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  • Lineker: I pooed myself during World Cup game

    England legend Gary Lineker has made the astonishing admission that he pooed himself during a match at the 1990 World Cup. 

    The incident happened during the opening game of the tournament in Italy against the Republic of Ireland and had originally become the stuff of urban legend after it was mentioned in Terry Butcher's autobiography.

    Butcher was the England captain during the 1990 World Cup where England got to the semi-finals before losing to Germany on penalties. 

    However, Lineker himself has now 'come clean' and admitted that the incident did indeed take place during the second half of

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  • ‘New vuvuzela’ to blight Euro 2012

    A new musical instrument said to be louder and even more annoying than the vuvuzela is expected to blight Euro 2012.

    The 'zozulica', a cuckoo-shaped whistle the size of a small rugby ball, has been unveiled by tournament co-hosts Ukraine.

    The instrument makes an astonishingly loud, high-pitched whistling noise, and looks set to become every bit as notorious as the vuvuzela did during last year's World Cup in South Africa, when thousands of fans blew the noisy plastic trumpets non-stop during matches.

    The instrument created plenty of unique local atmosphere - but TV viewers and players alike

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  • Chinese hurdler becomes literal web smash

    A Chinese hurdler's hilarious efforts have taken the
    internet by storm after he literally smashed his way through to the finish

    The unidentified runner was taking part in a large-scale
    local race being watched by thousands of spectators, but after a poor start
    clearly decided to try a change of tactics.

    With jumping the hurdles clearly not working for him he
    decided to simply run straight through hurdle after hurdle, sending debris
    flying and ending up with a hurdle around his neck before eventually coming a cropper and almost taking out a fellow competitor.

    He finished the race - but in

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  • Newcastle launch saucy lingerie range

    Former Newcastle manager Ruud Gullit preached the gospel of "sexy
    football" back in the 90s - now the club have revived that spirit by
    launching their own lingerie range.

    The stereotypical Toon fan might sport a tattooed beer
    belly, but the Newcastle undies have been designed with a rather sleeker figure
    in mind.

    The saucy items on sale include stockings, suspenders and
    French knickers, tastefully emblazoned with the club crest.

    The launch follows a deal struck with "football-related
    underwear specialists" Premier Lingerie, who already make underwear for
    Wolverhampton Wanderers.


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  • Arsenal, Blackpool ‘robbed’ last term

    A researcher has claimed that refereeing mistakes last season cost Blackpool and Birmingham their place in the Premier League, while Arsenal 'should' have finished as runners-up.

    Journalist and broadcaster Tim Long analysed the impact of 713 'significant' officiating decisions in the 2010-11 season, and calculated what the table might have looked like if the correct calls had been made.

    Long conducted the research for a radio documentary, 'Beyond The Goal Line: Football's Technology Debate', which addresses the importance of using technology to help referees. His findings were published on

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  • ‘Jedi badminton’ becomes web smash

    It's not often that the genteel sport of badminton hits the sporting headlines - not outside of Malaysia, at any rate - but a new web viral video has done exactly that thanks to some hilarious Star Wars-inspired special effects.

    The video, which takes a 2010 World Championship doubles quarter-final between Denmark's Mathias Boe and Carsten Mogensen and China's Guo Zhendong and Xu Chen, sees the player's racquets replaced by the famous light sabres from George Lucas's epic film series.

    Complete with appropriate sound effects, the players swish and swipe at the shuttlecock to send it back and

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