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  • Mo Farah to wear special ‘Arsenal trainers’

    British athletics star and passionate Gooner Mo Farah will be showing off even more fancy footwork than usual at the London Grand Prix at Crystal Palace this weekend after having special Arsenal themed spikes made up for the event.

    The double European champion actually dreamt of being a football star with Arsenal as a kid and his athletics coach even used to bribe him with the promise of a kick-about session if he did all of his athletics training.

    Now Nike have rewarded him with the special 'Arsenal-inspired Zoom Victory Spikes' after he agreed to meet 75 young runners to pass on advice

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  • Amazing skills earn Yo-Yo champ 12th title

    Japan's Shinji Saito's amazing skills have seen him win his 12th world title at the World Yo-Yo Championships in Orlando, despite still being only 24.

    Saito is a master in the "2A" division (using two yo-yos simultaneously to perform reciprocating or looping tricks) and has won eight world championships in that class - winning his first when he was just 13.

    He has won the combined division (where players have to compete and demonstrate skill in multiple styles) on four occasions to make it 12 titles in all.

    In Orlando, he blew everyone away with an amazing routine which saw him once again

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  • ‘I had already started a cheese sandwich’

    take some of the blame. To walk off was very naive, a bit stupid. It looked like the ball had gone for four, but just to walk off for tea
    was a bit stupid. According to the rules I was out, but the end decision was
    right for the spirit of the game and the way both teams handled the situation
    was fantastic."

    - Yes, but on the bright side, Ian Bell,
    your action did prompt one of the finest examples of sportsmanship in recent
    times from MS Dhoni. So in the end, Belly, maybe it was for the best?

    "When the guys came in at Tea there was
    a sense of awkwardness. [MS] Dhoni and the boys thought it

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  • New Arsenal shirt made out of plastic bottles

    Arsenal have released a new kit which is made of up to 13 reclaimed plastic water bottles.

    The kit has been produced to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the club's foundation.

    The new home shirt features a bespoke crest. The 15 laurel leaves to its left correspond to the detail on the reverse side of the six-pence pieces paid by 15 men to establish the club in Woolwich back in 1886.

    The 15 oak leaves to the right acknowledge the founders, who met in the local Royal Oak pub.

    Underneath is one of the first recorded mottos related to the armament and battle - 'Forward' - with the anniversary

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  • Keeper’s goal denies England U17s World Cup win

    England's U17 side were denied a crucial win at the World Cup when they conceded a stoppage time goal to Canada's goalkeeper.

    Trailing 2-1 with time expiring, Canada's substitute stopper Quillan Roberts launched a long free-kick from inside his own half towards the England box; it then took a cruel bounce and looped over the head of England keeper Jordan Pickford of Sunderland.

    England had twice took the lead in the match in Pachuca, Mexico, thanks to goals from Crewe's Nicholas Powell and West Ham's Blair Turgott but were pegged back first by Keven Aleman and then by Roberts.

    Roberts goal

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  • Germans dominate Robot World Cup

    It was an all-too-familiar result at the Robot World Cup as Britain crashed out in the group stage of a tournament that Germany dominated.

    For the first time Britain was represented at the 'RoboCup', with a team sent from Edinburgh University.

    The team competed in the Standard Platform League of the event in Istanbul which sees all teams use bipedal robots made by French firm Aldebaran Robotics.

    However, it turned into an all-German final with a team called B-Human thrashing the Nao Devils 11-1 in the final to take the honours.

    Dr Subramanian Ramamoorthy, assistant professor at the School of

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  • British Volleyball stars sign a bum deal

    Britain's female beach volleyball champions have turned their bottoms into their bottom line by signing a unique advertising deal that encourages spectators to photograph their behinds.

    Zara Dampney, 24, and Shauna Mullin, 26, have rented out their rears and become the first sportspeople to advertise a Quick Response code.

    It is a matrix barcode that when photographed on a smartphone takes a user
    straight to a specific website — which will be printed on the back of
    their bikini bottoms to ensure it catches the eye of spectators. 

    Betfair is trailing the unique marketing technique in this

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  • Aussie snooker fan gets Stephen Hendry tattoo

    Last week Australia hosted its first ever world snooker ranking event and one snooker nut took full advantage.

    James Mills, a 47-year-old pool umpire from Melbourne, watched the entire event at the Bendigo Stadium but he was particularly pleased to meet his hero - seven-time world snooker champion Stephen Hendry.

    When he finally came face-to-face with his idol, Mills got the Scottish potter to autograph his arm, and then got a tattoo over the signature so he would have the souvenir forever.

    "He's world class, the best snooker player ever," Mills told the Bendigo Advertiser.

    "He signed it

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  • Arsenal’s new ‘jockey clothes’ away kit

    Arsenal have released pictures of their new away kit that Russian midfielder Andrei Arshavin has compared to jockey's clothes.

    In one of his famously offbeat Q&A session on his website, Arshavin was asked a question recently from a user called Nkitabozhok that went: "Hi Andrey, Do know what your new Arsenal uniform will look like?"

    Arshavin replied: "I know, and I'll tell you. Our guest (away) uniform next season will look like jockey's clothes."

    The new shirt is navy and turquoise blue in colour and features the same bespoke crest that marks the club's 125th anniversary year as the new home

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  • One handed golf kid tipped to be star

    A 10-year-old golf protégée from Dorset is being tipped as a future star despite the fact that he was born with only one hand.

    Leo Millar was born without fingers on his right hand but has had a special bionic glove made for him which allows him to swing two-handed.

    He has only been playing the game for seven weeks but has already wowed onlookers with his expert chipping and putting - and, quite amazingly, is already able to hit balls over 200 yards.

    His flexible glove attaches to his right wrist and allows him to grip any golf club and swing with two hands, and the device has already been

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