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  • England’s kit ‘scientifically worst at Euro 2012′

    The England team will wear the least practical shirts out of all the Euro 2012 teams according to research from a top textile laboratory in Sweden.

    The Swerea IVF lab was commissioned by the GP newspaper in Gothenburg to look and compare each kit in a number of categories such as how well they breathe, how good they are at drawing away sweat and how difficult they are to pull.

    England's Umbro shirts were ranked dead last overall with Swerea judging them lowest in the 'breathe' section while the shirt also performed lowly in the other categories.

    The research concluded that the Adidas shirts

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  • Inside an F1 car

    Have you ever wondered what the inside of a Formula 1 car looks like? If so, then luckily the Sauber team have cut one in half to expose the workings of one of these technological marvels.

    Chief designer Matt Morris is our guide in a fascinating video that demonstrates just what makes up one of the quickest vehicles on the planet.

    It took Sauber two years to split one of their cars neatly down the middle and the result is a unique insight into the engineering that goes into the production of F1 cars.

    Driver Sergio Perez also perches rather precariously in the hot seat to demonstrate how he

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  • We decided to come up with our list of the defining sporting moments from the past six decades of Queen Elizabeth's reign. We've included both moments of glory and moments of agonising heartbreak, but while you may agree or disagree with some of our selections, we feel that each little gathering of sporting gold is certainly worth a place on our Eurosport list of legend. Each one a sparkling sporting diamond in a Diamond Jubilee year. Everybody likes a whiff of nostalgia now and again...we hope you enjoy.


    Roger Bannister runs the first sub-four minute mile

    1953 - Blackpool winger Stanley Matthews turns in a vintage performance watched

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  • In this week's selection of best quotes, Chelsea are at it again, Colin Montgomerie talks about his bogus journey, and we recap some impressive denials.

    You massive tease

    "good afternoon guys. i made up my mind. see you later. thanks" — As if Eden Hazard hadn't been stringing us on long enough, he takes to Twitter to let us know a decision is imminent.

    "I'm signing for the champion's league winner" — Aha, so Chelsea then. Unless, of course, he's going to add '2007/8' in a few days.

    "Chelsea really wanted me last summer and paid a lot for me but after a while I thought: 'Are you just throwing

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  • Lesotho star axed for seeking pay rise from £7.50

    Lesotho team in action against LibyaMotlalepula Mofolo has been dropped from the Lesotho national team after leading a protest against their allowances, according to reports in Africa.

    Mofolo, 25, wanted an increase in their wages for their World Cup qualifying tie against Ghana from 100 loti (£7.50) to 4000 loti (around £303). The average GDP per capita in the southern African country is just £826.

    But after a strained meeting with their board, Mofolo found himself dropped for what Lesotho FA public relations officer Baba Malephane described as "disciplinary problems".

    "Yes it is true that we had a meeting with the players over

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  • England’s footballing Mount Rushmore

    Four of England's most inspiring players have been commemorated in an eye-catching 'Mount Rushmore'-style garden feature.

    L to R: Beckham, Rooney, Gascoigne and Pearce

    There's just one teensy problem: it's more or less impossible to tell who's who.

    The rockery was created by 'artist' Aden Hynes, who was commissioned to produce it by the National Lottery - which they're apparently simply calling 'Lotto' these days - to tie in with a new survey to name England's most inspirational players of the last 25 years. With sport and gardening topping the poll of people's passions, the Lottery's PR people decided to try and combine the two as part

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  • The fans no team would want

    Schalke fan Hitler, Chelsea fan Mugabe and Dynamo Moscow fan Stalin

    With Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe admitting this weekend that he is a Chelsea fan, we take a look at the despots who have - or had - a soft spot for a football team.

    Mugabe's revelation came at the weekend when he told Benjani Mwaruwari that he was a Blues fan at the player's testimonial. " I watched you but I'm a Chelsea fan and always want them to score," Mugabe said.

    Here's our pick of some other dictators and tyrants and the teams they supported:

      - - - - - -

    Adolf Hitler - Schalke: The Fuhrer was reputedly a fan of Schalke, who won the German title six times while Hitler was

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  • Golfer’s wayward drive removes woman’s teeth

    A golfer's wayward tee shot left a female motorcyclist needing false teeth after a freak accident in Tennessee.

    The player - who has not been named - watched in dismay as his drive on the 388-yard par-4 14th hole of the Indian Hills Golf Club in Murfreesboro hooked over the course's boundary fence.

    But his routine dismay at a commonplace blunder turned to horror when he heard the sound of screams and a revving engine. The golfer dashed towards the noise and discovered "a woman clutching her bloody mouth", according to the police report. The tee shot had apparently flown straight into the mouth

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  • Lebanese footballer Mohamed Ghaddar has become a web sensation for all the wrong reasons after producing a comically inept piece of 'skill' in a Malaysian league game.

    Faced with an opponent on the left flank, Kelantan FA striker Gheddar attempts a flurry of stepovers supposed to evoke the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar - but he ends up looking more like a tipsy line dancer.

    And, to top it off, with the defenders looking entirely unimpressed, he tries to win a corner by knocking the ball out off one of their shins. Instead, he just scuffs the ball tamely out for a goal kick.

    Gheddar is

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  • Quotes of the Week: ‘Almost a religious experience’

    A week ago, Chelsea were not Champions League winners, Kevin Pietersen had a little bit more money and David Cameron's personal view on John Terry was a mystery.

    Seven days on, here are the highlights from a bumper week of sporting quotes:

    Farewell, Didier

    "The spirit you saw in the dressing room after the match was unbelievable: the camaraderie ... they were sitting and talking for the longest time. They didn't get back to the hotel until almost three o'clock in the morning. Didier, of course, was dancing on the table, praying to the Cup. It was almost a religious experience." — Bruce Buck

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