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  • Schoolboy wins World Cup call-up – after Dad phones coach

    A Coventry schoolboy is set to appear in the Under-17 World Cup in Mexico next month - after his Dad phoned up the coach.

    Rwandan-born Seff Murenzi smashed in 53 goals last season for Chapelfields Colts, prompting his Dad Usuf to make the call.

    "When my dad found out they had a team we thought it was great. We started watching them and they were good," 15-year-old Seff told the Coventry Telegraph.

    "But they needed a striker. My dad kept saying that was all they needed, and that I was capable.

    "He kept phoning them up and telling them my goal-scoring record, and eventually they said I

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  • Amazing acrobatic throw-in sets up goal

    An American
    schoolboy has become a global phenomenon after his incredible acrobatic
    throw-in led to one of the most extraordinary goals ever seen in football.

    Wando High
    were playing Irmo High in the South Carolina schools championship-deciding game,
    and the scores were still level at 0-0 in a nervy encounter when Wando's star
    player Brandon Buckholder decided to use his signature move after his team won
    a throw-in deep in the opposition's half.

    performed an incredible thrown-in that saw first a perfect run up followed by a
    forward-flip that helped him fling the ball miles onto the

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  • Top 10 sporting scandals

    Ryan Giggs has hit the headlines after being revealed as the footballer who tried to use the court system to stop details of his alleged affair entering the public domain.

    And while mere adultery would never have got the Welshman close to the top 10 of our sporting scandals, his embarrassing attempts to stem the flow of information on the internet have made sure he and alleged mistress Imogen Thomas will always have their place in history.

    In drawing up our list of top 10 sporting scandals we have not just focused on drug cheats or other crimes against fair play. If we'd included those, then

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  • Viewers miss Gerrard goal after ITV blunder

    of fans across the country screamed at their TV screens in delight as Steven
    Gerrard scored England's opening goal of the World Cup - but millions more were
    left screaming in frustration after an ITV blunder meant they missed the goal.

    of the ITV HD service were stunned when the high-definition channel
    accidentally cut to an advert moments before the Liverpool striker found the
    net in the fourth minute of the game.

    normal ITV 1 service was unaffected, but those watching in HD saw the beginning
    of an advert, quickly changing to an ITV HD logo for several seconds.


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  • Quotes of the week: Crisis, what crisis?

    Our new weekly feature takes a look at all the best sporting quotes of the week.


    The English get hammered

    "Yes we are facing allegations. Allegations, what a beautiful English word that is. Someone stands up, says a few things in the press and then these things take their own body and mind, they are expanded, take a seed in our minds without most of the time a single shred of truth." - Costakis Koutsokoumis of the Cypriot FA exhibits his command of another 'beautiful 'English word - sarcasm

    "With the English bid I said: 'Let us be brief. If you give back

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  • Punter’s winning streak ends with Djokovic

    A plucky gambler winning streak finally came to and end after Roger
    Federer beat previously unbeaten Novak Djokovic in the French Open semi-finals
    on Friday.

    The anonymous 33-year-old had put together a 26-bet unbroken run
    that bookies believe is a world record, turning an initial stake of £8,500 into
    £161,000 over less than two months despite
    restricting himself to bets that carry only tiny risks.

    But having staked £120,000 on Djokovic to beat Federer at odds of
    1/3, the man dubbed "Dead Cert Man" by bookies William Hill finally
    saw his streak come to an end.

    Orginally just backing Djokovic

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  • Player humiliated after football’s ultimate miss

    A Brazilian footballer has become
    a global laughing stock after his unbelievable miss took the internet by storm.

    The player, who was taking
    part in a local league match in Brazil, appeared to have done all the hard work
    by latching onto a perfect long pass and cleverly playing the ball past the

    The ball was speeding towards
    the goal already, but the striker wanted to emphasise his skill by running it
    up to the empty goal and blasting it in.

    That's what his plan was, at
    any rate - but what happened next truly beggars belief.

    Watch the video:


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  • World’s first ever BMX triple back flip

    New Zealander Jed Mildon has become the first person to complete a triple back flip on a BMX bike.

    The 24-year-old wowed 2,000 fans in his home town of Taupo on New Zealand's north island by performing the jump.

    More crucial though was the fact that a representative of the Guinness Book Of World Records was in attendance to verify the jump and mark it down as an official world record.

    Mildon completed three mid-air rotations before making a perfect landing.

    "This is the perfect result to three intensive months of practicing and training for this moment," he said afterwards.

    "The impact and

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  • Bees hold up match in Brazil

    A match in the stadium where Netherlands will meet Brazil next month was held up for 20 minutes when a beehive was discovered on one of the crossbars and ended in a free-for-all among players and rival fans.

    The Goiania state championship semi-final between Vila Nova and Goias at the Serra Dourada on Sunday was held up after half an hour when hundreds of bees gathered at the top corner of the goal being kept by Pedro Henrique of Goias.

    The fire brigade was called in and they used an extinguisher and a flaming torch to get rid of the bees with play resuming 20 minutes later even though not all

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  • City fan gets the needle after losing bet

    Manchester City may have broken their 35-year trophy drought this season and reached the Champions League but the season had a bitter end for supporter Rodney Ward.

    The 24-year-old has had a tattoo of Manchester United's badge etched on his chest after losing a bet.

    Ward and United fan Paul Madden decided to bet each other over which club would finish highest in the Premier League last August - with the loser getting the other club's crest tattooed on his chest.

    The heating engineer told the Daily Mail: "I'm embarrassed as anything but it could have been worse if United had won the

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