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  • Lescott angers neighbours by building mansion

    England and Manchester City star Joleon Lescott has angered his neighbours by demolishing a bungalow so that he can build a four-storey mansion.

    Lescott, who signed for City from Everton for £24 million and is reported to be on £100,000 a week, bought the site at Alderley Edge for £1.45m but his new digs will be worth over £4m when finished.

    The area where he purchased the property is becoming increasingly popular with millionaire footballers from both City and Manchester United.

    Lescott has been given planning permission to build the house, but residents have complained about both the size

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  • Lampard ipods melted down after Cup flop

    Five thousand unsold gold-plated Frank Lampard iPods are to be "melted down" and rebranded with children's cartoon character Hello Kitty.

    England and Chelsea star Lampard teamed-up with Goldgenie to launch the 64GB gold-plated iPod at Harrods before the World Cup but they have flopped following the dismal performance of Fabio Capello's side in South Africa.

    The 24-carat iPod Touch cost up to £599 and featured Lampard's laser-etched signature on the back.
    But Goldgenie, backed by BBC Dragon's Den judge James Caan, now plan to recover the gold and replace them with the Hello Kitty character.

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  • Is this the worst miss ever?

    An astonishing blunder by a Qatari player cost his country a place in the Asian Games quarter-finals.

    Khalfan Fahad came up with one of the worst misses ever in the 1-0 defeat against Uzbekistan at the Games in China.

    The 18-year-old's gaffe came in the first minute of extra time, with the game still goalless.

    Uzbek goalkeeper Timur Juraev let the ball through his legs, presenting Fahad with an open goal, but he hit the post after inexplicably shooting with the outside of his left foot.

    The luckless Fahad's expression after the miss said it all. And things went from bad to worse, as Ivan

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  • Drink-drive charge Swann ‘was rescuing cat’

    England cricketer Graeme Swann has told a court he was popping out to buy screwdrivers to help rescue his cat when he was arrested for drink-driving.

    The star spin bowler said he had been out with friends before returning to his home in West Bridgford, Nottingham to find his cat trapped under the floorboards.

    The 31-year-old then got in his white Porsche Cayenne and drove towards a local Asda store when he was pulled over by PC Steven Denniss, Nottingham Magistrates' Court heard.

    PC Denniss told the court he initially pulled Swann over because he was driving a high-performance sports car in

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  • Fans left stunned as mascot eats cheerleader

    American football fans were stunned when a
    cheerleader was 'eaten' by a mascot during an NFL match.

    The Tennessee Titans mascot, known as T-Rac,
    engulfed the cheerleader during the fourth quarter of the team's season opener
    against the Oakland Raiders in Nashville.

    Stunned fans couldn't believe their eyes as the
    giant raccoon first picked up and then swallowed the stunning blonde with nine minutes 58
    seconds left of the game - adding a belly laugh to their delight at cruising to
    a one-sided 38-13 victory.



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  • Fans charged £125 to stand outside Super Bowl

    The Super Bowl is probably the largest annual sporting event in the world so getting a ticket is next to impossible.

    However, you might think that you can still experience a lot of the atmosphere by turning up at the stadium and milling around outside to watch American football's biggest game.

    No problem — that will be $200 (£125) please.

    This year's event is being held at the Dallas Cowboys' new stadium and the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is said to be determined to break the Super Bowl attendance record of 103,985 which happened in 1980.

    The only problem is that the capacity of the stadium

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  • Keeper throws ball between legs to gift goal

    Belgian goalkeeper Sammy Bossut ended up with egg on his face after a
    hilarious blunder in a Pro League clash at the weekend.

    The 25-year-old Zulte-Waregem keeper was feeling pretty pleased with himself
    after confidently claiming a corner curled in by one of Lokeren's players.

    But his pride quickly turned to shame as his attempt at a huge throw up the
    middle backfired spectacularly.

    Bossut failed to let go of the ball at the right time, and by hanging on
    that bit too long he ended up catapulting it back past his legs - and straight
    into the path of opposition striker Benjamin De Ceulaer.


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  • Valencia’s unusual tribute to earthquake victims

    Valencia's players paid their respects to the victims of the
    earthquake and tsunami in Japan by wearing special one-off shirts that had
    their names written in Japanese.

    The Liga side took to the field at the Mestalla on
    Sunday wearing the unique shirts in their match against Sevilla.

    The Valencia stars' touching gesture did not help their
    football, however: Sevilla beat their hosts 1-0, denting Valencia's hopes of qualifying
    automatically for the Champions League group stage next season.

    It was not the only tribute over the
    weekend: from rugby matches to motorsport, competitors and fans

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  • Sights and scenes of Albert Park

    Check out our gallery of the best images from the opening Grand Prix of the season in Melbourne, featuring:

    A clergyman.

    Some speeding seagulls.

    The world's best-looking crash test dummy.

    A champagne shield.

    And more...

    Sebastian Vettel leads them off as the 2011 F1 season gets under way.


    Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne Dr Philip Freier blesses the track prior to the race weekend.


    Lewis Hamilton's girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger drops in to Albert Park.


    Is this Melbourne or Manchester? McLaren dive for cover.


    Welcome proof that berets are not just the preserve of grizzled old

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