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  • Police mistake cricket game for gun battle

    Armed police surrounded a factory in Cheadle, Greater Manchester because they thought a factory cricket match was a gun battle.

    Workers at the Power Star sports equipment factory were playing a game of cricket inside their building but whenever the ball hit the shutters it made a noise similar to that of a gunshot.

    An alarmed passer-by then phoned the police to report the "gunshots" and police rushed to the scene only to find a few employees inside playing a game of cricket.

    "'We'd been watching the England match and finished work so thought we may as well play cricket," worker Mohammed

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  • Wicketkeeper missed catches after taking sleeping pill

    South Africa's wicketkeeper at the cricket World Cup has
    admitted that he accidentally took sleeping pills before a crucial match in
    which he dropped three catches.

    Morne van Wyk also missed a stumping in the game against
    host nation India in Nagpur at the weekend, which saw the two hot favourites to
    win the trophy going up against each other.

    The 31-year-old admitted via Twitter that once he was on the
    pitch he realised what must have happened as the effects of the drug kicked in.

    Soon after the match began, Van Wyk stayed almost motionless
    as top Indian batsman Virender Sehwag edged a

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  • World Cup Gallery: Sexy samba

    A selection of the best photos from South Africa with some sexy samba action as Brazil join the World Cup party in Johannesburg.

    There is literally nothing this man doesn't know about style, and somewhere in between the headband, the shades and the feathers there is a pretty inspirational fashion statement.

    The fans trapped under this glorified parachute were left decidedly shirty after they had to spend the first 30 minutes of the match gauging their side's progress according to the intensity of the vuvenzela drones.

    Those who say 'I wish I was over in South Africa' are severely

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  • Surfer nails ‘impossible’ trick

    An American surfer has made history by pulling off a trick thought
    to be impossible.

    30-year-old Zoltan Torkos successfully landed a kickflip on
    the famous Steamer Lane surfing point in his hometown of Santa Cruz,

    The trick - which involves the surfer flipping the board
    round beneath his feet in mid-air - is common in skateboarding, but had always
    been thought to be impossible on a surf board due to the weight of the board
    and the difficulty of pushing off from the surface of the water.

    But after four years of trying, Torkos - nicknamed 'The
    Magician - finally nailed the trick,

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  • Player suffers ‘allergic reaction to pitch’

    Lazio striker Giuseppe Sculli is believed to have suffered an allergic reaction to green paint used to colour the grass on his side's pitch.

    Sculli was rushed to hospital during the 2-0 win over Palermo after "swelling up and turning pink, like a prawn", Lazio coach Edy Reja said.

    Sculli, who scored both goals in the first half of the Serie A match, was taken off early in the second half after he developed breathing problems.

    "His eyes were swollen and he had blisters on his arms," Reja added.

    It is thought that he suffered the allergic reaction after celebrating his second goal, while he

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  • Police dog runs onto pitch, steals ball

    Dogs interrupting football matches are far from unusual -
    but not when the mutt in question is supposed to be a highly-trained police operative.

    Yet that's exactly what happened during a Brazilian league
    match last week.

    Ituiutaba and Uberlandia were going head-to-head in a tense
    Mineiro championship match when a police dog named Agil broke away from his
    handler and attacked the ball.

    The nonplussed players stood back helplessly while the crowd
    cheered on the feisty canine as he tried to chew his way through the match

    The red-faced policeman responsible for the naughty dog

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  • Fan wins legal challenge over ‘outdated shirt’

    A young football fan successfully received a refund for a replica shirt after he sued the football club he supports when they sold his favourite player.

    According to a report in the Daily Mirror, Jon McGhee, aged just 13, took the legal action after Reading sold his favourite player, Gylfi Sigurdsson (pictured), to German side Hoffenheim for an estimated £7 million last August.

    Just a couple of months previously, McGhee had spent £42 - money he was given for his birthday - on a Reading shirt with Sigurdsson's name on the back.

    When Sigurdsson was promptly sold, his father James visited the

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  • Essex boy is Messi’s body double

    A PE teacher from Essex who plays for Canvey Island has acted as a body double for Lionel Messi in an Adidas commercial.

    The Sun reveals that Hussain Isa, 22, is the person who actually takes on a team of superstars during the commercial, with Messi's head then being later grafted onto his body by special effects experts.

    Isa, who lives with his parents in Dagenham, told the paper: "It makes me smile that billions around the world think it is Messi when actually it's me - a normal bloke from Essex."

    Messi, who earns an estimated £180,000-a-week was not able to star in the ad due to time

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  • Rio 2016 Olympic logo designers deny plagiarism

    The creators of the logo for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio
    de Janeiro have denied that they plagiarised the design from a charity.

    Brazilian media reported striking similarities between the
    Rio logo - which depicts several stylised figures joining hands - and that of
    the Telluride Foundation, a Colorado-based charity co-chaired by former US
    military commander Norman Schwazkopf.

    The Tatil agency's director Fred Gelli claimed that his firm
    had done extensive research to ensure that the design was original, but
    conceded the similarities with Telluride's logo.

    "For some reason we missed that one,"

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  • Pub staff all change name to Wayne Rooney

    The entire staff at a pub in Yorkshire have changed their names to Wayne Rooney for the duration of the World Cup.

    All 15 staff members at the Bay Horse in East Ardsley have changed their names to the England striker, while the pubs owners - Lee and Lorraine Kennedy - have changed their names to that of England manager Fabio Capello.

    "The managers wanted to do something so we all sat down and decided to do this," 23-year-old Wayne Rooney, who used to go by the name Joanne Hill, told Sky News.

    "It's to show our support for England and show how much we're behind them.

    "They (the pub regulars)

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