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  • World Cup Venns: Day 14

    Welcome to today's World Cup Venn.

    Today's four players shouldn't be too hard to identify.

    But can you figure out what links the four of them?

    As ever, we'll give out the answer at half-time in the Matchcast during this afternoon's game, otherwise you can check back here tomorrow morning.




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    Yesterday's question had a distinct sicknote theme to it. Did you spot the players and the link?

    The players shouldn't have been hard: they were Italy's Alessandro Nesta (left), and England's Michael Owen (right) and Bryan Robson.

    And needless to say with these three

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  • World Cup Paper Round: Germans terrified of Rooney

    Wednesday's 1-0 victory over Slovenia,
    this morning's papers are now focussed on the task ahead - beating the old
    enemy Germany
    in the last 16 on Sunday.

    It was all
    doom and gloom just over 24 hours ago as England,
    still reeling for the turgid 0-0 draw with Algeria,
    were faced with an early exit in South Africa.

    Now the
    Three Lions are world beaters and Wayne Rooney, who limped off with an ankle
    injury after 72 minutes, has already struck the fear of God in Germany
    coach Joachim Löw.

    really scares us, say Germany"
    - or so says The Times.

    "Rooney has
    not been the big gun so far

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  • World Paper Round: Capello reasserts power

    This morning's papers are full of yet
    another England backlash - this time from Fabio Capello, who has reminded his 'mutinous
    squad' exactly who is in charge.

    Following John Terry's failed coup, the
    Three Lions boss has hit out, labelling his former skipper's ill-advised words
    during a press conference on Sunday as a "big mistake".

    Not one that would warrant a planting a horse's
    head in Terry's bed, mind, but given Capello's nationality and fearsome
    reputation, the comparison with a well-known Mafioso film is simply too much to
    resist for The Sun, whose headline 'The Squadfather' is the pick

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  • World Cup Gallery: Miss World Cup

    A selection of the best photos from South Africa as the Miss World beauty queens descend en masse on the World Cup.

    The Miss World beauty queens pose together in Johannesburg as they make their grand entrance at the World Cup. Maybe they should hover outside the England team hotel to keep the bored, WAG-less players interested.

    FIFA's secretary general Jerome Valcke sets about welcoming the girls with Miss Brazil Luciana Bertolini Reis, and Miss Ivory Coast Dacoury Gnago, while vice-president Jack Warner tells the Miss World organisers: "If you want to be successful you have to get me on

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  • World Cup Venn: Day 12

    Welcome to today's World Cup Venn!

    After giving you four World Cup nations to ponder yesterday, today's quiz question brings the focus back on to individual brilliance.

    Your question, as ever, is simple: who are these four players, and what is the World Cup link between them?














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    Yesterday's venn presented you with a slightly different challenge to the usual: four different teams.

    Did you guess who they are, and what links them?

    The teams were Netherlands (top),  Czechoslovakia (right), Hungary (bottom) and Sweden (left).

    And the link? They are the only

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  • World Cup Gallery: Royal Becks

    David Beckham proves he is football royalty as he meets Princes William and Harry in South Africa.

    In the absence of England WAGs, we can instead take pleasure from this bevvy of beauties - selected from the Danish camp.

    The Dutch get their hands on the World Cup - albeit a cheap imitation. Mind you, given they have already qualified for the second round, the real thing may yet end up in Oranje hands.

    One man certain not to be lifting the trophy is Achille Emana, pictured above contemplating the rest of the summer back in Cameroon after his side crashed out of the competition.


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  • World Cup Venn: Day 11

    We've a bit of a twist on the usual venn quiz for you today: this time, we've got four teams for you to name rather than players.

    Other than that, though, your question remains the same: who are these national teams, and what links them?

    Find out the answer at half-time of today's match between Chile and Switzerland.





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    Yesterday's hair-raising venn gave you four lesser-known World Cup players. Could you figure out who they were and the link between them?

    The players were Marco Etchverry of Bolivia (top), Jose Batista of Uruguay (right), Ion Vladiou of Romania

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  • World Cup Venn: Day 10

    There's hair going in all directions in today's World Cup venns. 

    Some the guys have far too much, others far too little, with one of these guys appearing to have been electrocuted - if that was the case, no doubt it can be blamed on excessive static electricity being generated by the Jabulani.

    Your task is the same as always: who are these four players, and what is the World-Cup related link between the four of them?








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    Yesterday's venn diagram provided you with two Portuguese and two Dutch footballers. Did you get their names, and did you figure out the

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  • Parents name baby girl ‘FIFA’

    South African parents are celebrating the World Cup by giving their newborn babies unique names.

    One baby girl was named 'FIFA' (all in capitals) after the sport's governing body, while another was called 'Ke Nako', a World Cup slogan that means 'it is time'.

    FIFA Ntshinga was born at Rahima Moosa Hospital in Johannesburg, while baby boy Ke Nako was born to teenage mother Busiswa Landiso and her 21-year-old boyfriend Samuel Ntshiwa, who both are from Bloemfontein.

    Another couple in Bloemfontein had twin boys during the opening match between South Africa and Mexico and decided to name their

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  • World Paper Round: England defence derided

    It is as though an orderly queue has been formed to take shots at England's beleaguered defence, with all and sundry picking holes in Fabio Capello's backline.

    But before we delve into the murky, crowded world of 'England bashing', the Daily Star (pictured, below) tells English football to brace itself for a mass invasion of the vuvuzelas next season.

    Supermarket Sainsbury's have already sold 40,000 of the horns, and clubs are torn as to whether to cash in on the craze or attempt to ban them entirely from English grounds.

    Back to England's much-maligned defence; and first up, the ever

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