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Astonishing pic! Fisherman discovers live frog in throat of fish

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Z-Man Lures Australia’s Facebook page

Who says fishing is a boring, uneventful pursuit? Anyone with such thoughts should banish them immediately after seeing this breathtaking picture.

Angus James could not believe what he was seeing as he opened the mouth of the jungle perch he had just caught. Surely, it couldn't be?

The pro angler was about to release his catch back into the water when he suddenly caught a glimpse of something shuffling around in the throat of the fish.

It suddenly become all the more clear what he was seeing: a frog rediscovering its freedom!

Before he knew it, a live green tree frog was looking up at him from deep inside the fish’s throat, providing him with the most incredible image.

James should be commended, partially for the catch in the first place, but mostly for having the reactions and presence of mind to take what will go down as one of the greatest photos of a sporting pursuit.

"I was shocked," James told News Limited in Australia." I thought it might have been grass at first, then it blinked.

"I always carry a camera, so I took the pic and then he jumps out."

And thank goodness he did take the pic before the frog leapt out and hopped away to freedom.

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(Jimmy Gus James's Facebook page)

James, a professional field angler from Tackle Tactics, was fishing an hour north of Townsville, Queensland when his life changed as a result of the crazy incident.

News Limited of Australia have made their own story famous with the inspired headline: "Excuse me, I think I’ve got a frog in my throat…no really, I do have a frog in my throat."

James posted the image on Facebook and it has since gone crazy on social media and become an overnight sensation, quite rightly.

"It has gone all around the world," he told News Limited. "So many people have shared it.

"There’s people commenting on the photo in languages I don’t even understand.

"Everyone keeps saying the frog got its second chance at life."

So, now we know what an extremely exciting and pulsating activity it really is, who fancies going out for a spot of fishing on the river?

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