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Australian hockey stars bemused by anthem mix-up

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The Australian men's hockey team were treated to the wrong national anthem in their opening match of the Hockey World League against Belgium in the Netherlands.

To make matters worse, the anthem they got instead was that of their neighbours across the Tasman Sea - New Zealand.

The players, as you can see above, did not manage to keep their expressions neutral as the wrong song played out - from bemusement to anger to giggling, the reactions had it all.

"You have to see the funny side sometimes," the commentator said, "but I don't think Rick Charlesworth [the coach] will do."

After the first verse of God defend New Zealand had played out, the organisers were able to stop the track and rectify the gaffe.

"Our apologies on behalf of this organisation," the announcer in the stadium said. "This is the New Zealand anthem."

The Kiwis crowed, with one website mockingly saying that "never has the New Zealand anthem sounded so good."

And the final indignity? Australia went on to lose the game 3-1, a result which represented a huge upset.

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