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Is backward scorpion kick the best own goal ever?

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Festus Baise scores

Festus Baise is at an awkward angle when the cross comes in from the Citizen AA winger in a match in Hong Kong.

He's off-balance but determined to get to the ball first.

Stretching out at full pace, he throws himself into the air, and gets a boot to the ball.

The ball loops over the head of the airborne Baise, over the melee of bodies waiting further on in the penalty area, and towards the goalkeeper.

Wrong-footed by this acrobat scorpion kick, the goalkeeper is stranded, and despite his desperate back-pedalling, he cannot get near the ball as it loops agonisingly over his head and into the corner of the net.


The only problem, of course, is that Baise plays for Sun Hei and has just put the ball into his own net.

Fortunately for Baise and his team-mates, Sun Hei are already 3-0 ahead at this point, and despite Citizen AA grabbing another goal, they hold on to win the contest 3-2.

Baise's acrobatics have become an internet sensation, however, and many are calling it the greatest own goal ever scored.

Watch the video and decide for yourself!

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