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Ball woman makes incredible catch to save ducking fans

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When the time came for mother of three Catalina McKasson to save ducking fans from potential harm, she duly delivered with a quite stunning catch.

Employed as a ball girl (or should that be ball woman?) for the San Diego Padres in Major League Baseball, McKasson's job is to retrieve stray shots and to ensure the game runs smoothly.

But she did her job and much more as she plucked a quite sensational snaffle, just as a powerful shot was flying towards a group of fans, including a few children.

As the supporters all ducked for cover, McKasson somehow managed to claim the breathtaking one-handed catch with all the composure of a seasoned pro.

Los Angeles Dodgers fans almost seemed to be resigned to being struck, but when there's a ball girl of McKasson's calibre floating around there really was no need to fear for their safety.

Not only did she spare the supporters from potential pain, the ball girl even had the poise and awareness to hand the ball to a seemingly frightened young fan - but that's just part of her job, the one she has held since 2002.

The fact that she was protecting the opposing Dodgers fans was just the right thing to do. This karma will surely come back on her team in a good way.

The MLB season has only just got underway, but already we may have seen the play of the season.

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