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Basketball player sets up own amazing dunk

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A very small percentage of basketball players could pull off the dunk San Diego State's Jamaal Franklin unleashed at Fresno State and an even smaller percentage would dare to attempt it.

With San Diego State leading by six at Fresno State early in the second half of its 65-62 victory, Aztecs forward Jamaal Franklin led a three-on-three fast break counter attack.

Neither of his teammates were open as Franklin approached the top of the key, so he improvised, hurling the ball off the glass, running under it and slamming it for a two-handed off-glass self alley-oop.

Video of the dunk hit the internet within 10 minutes, was broadcast all over American television and created an instant stir on social media.

This isn't the first time Franklin has attempted a dunk contest-worthy jam in a game.

The first time, he missed a between-the-legs dunk late in the second half of a big win over Wyoming last season. This time, the score was a lot closer and thankfully for him, the dunk was successful.

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