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Baumgartner sparks police helicopter chase after flying low over airport in his chopper

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Felix Baumgartner

Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner earned headlines across the world two years ago when he skydived to earth from 128,000 feet - but he's earning headlines once more for some low altitude antics that has enraged German authorities.

The 45-year-old was out flying his helicopter on Tuesday night, according to German publications Bild and Focus, and in flagrant violation of every airspace law in the book took it upon himself to fly low over Munich airport, causing chaos for local air traffic control as they tried to clear the airspace above one of Europe's busiest transport hubs. Bild reports that a plane even had to abort its take-off.

It's not yet clear why Baumgartner decided to swoop over the airport - and the man himself hasn't commented on the incident yet. So we can but speculate as to the reasons why a man who should know better would do such a thing.

Adding to his misdemeanours is the fact Baumgartner hadn't turned on his radio, scuppering the attempts of local authorities to tell him to get away.

And with no idea who was piloting the rogue chopper, German police took up the chase in their own helicopter - and ended up pursuing him all the way to Salzburg, some 90 miles away.

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Focus claims that as well as a huge fine, Baumgartner could also be stripped of his helicopter pilot's licence - a bitter blow, considering that he decided to embark upon a career as a helicopter rescue pilot after retiring from the daredevil business nearly two years ago.

He'd not actually started that career yet, however, having spent most of the last two years milking the extraordinary publicity garnered by his famous jump.

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The helicopter incident is, incidentally, just the latest blip in the career of the former professional boxer: just a few months after his leap from 24 miles above the Earth, Baumgartner was convicted of punching a lorry driver in the face during a road rage-related incident.

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