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BBC commentator taken ill on-air

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BBC rugby commentator Andrew Cotter had to drop his microphone and sprint to the nearest bathroom after he was taken ill on-air during a Six Nations game.

Cotter announced the opening stages of Italy's game against Wales in Rome normally, but an unusually long silence hinted all was not well.

Co-commentator Jonathan Davies eventually explained that Cotter had left due to sickness caused by something he ate on Friday night.

Producers hurried pitchside analyst Shane Williams into the commentary box, where he joined his fellow Welshman Davies.

At half-time, Davies said he hoped a commentator could be found and joked: "I'm going for a lie down!"

His prayers were answered, as Huw Llewelyn-Davies took the microphone for the second half.

Wales went on to win the match 26-9.

UPDATE: Cotter later tweeted: "Good timing, winter vomiting bug. Goooood timing.....

"10 mins before kick-off started to feel unwell, thought once game going would be fine.

"Then, describing a Kris Burton kick for touch I thought 'Nope, this isn't going to work' and made a run for it. That is all.

"The following two hours were just great. Really quite super."

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