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Bear v monkey cycling race ends in tragedy

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A fun-filled family day out at a safari park in China took a horrific turn this week as a cycle race between two of the star animals ended in tragedy.

Guests at the Shanghai Wildlife Park were gathered in the park's purpose-built facility to enjoy one of the highlights of the day as a monkey and a bear went head-to-head in a novelty cycling race.

All proceeded as normal in the opening moments of the race, with the monkey taking the lead initially before the bear closed the gap.

But when the monkey lost control of his miniature BMX, tragedy struck: he swerved into the path of the bear and fell off, taking the bear down with him.

The bear was clearly spooked by the mishap and, despite normally being best of friends with the bear, attacked the monkey as the two animals lay prone on the floor. Tragically, the monkey lost his life in the incident, which can be seen in the video below.

WARNING: Video contains upsetting scenes

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