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Beckham ‘to net £20m as Sky TV ambassador’

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Sky Television proudly announced on Thursday that David Beckham was to join the station as a 'sports ambassador'.

What they were not so vocal about was the simply staggering fee they are paying him for the "long-term partnership".

According to respected insider Charlie Sale of the Daily Mail, Beckham will be paid a whopping £20 million-plus over five years at the station – and, unlike his wages at Paris Saint-Germain, that sum won't be going to charity.

The figure dwarfs the reported £2m that BT are paying Tottenham's Gareth Bale to do a similar job for them over a three-year period.

Sky's top pundit Gary Neville is also said to be on significantly less cash than Beckham.

So what exactly will Beckham do to earn his £20m?

Well, he will play a key role in the channel's desire to encourage grassroots sport across the UK and Ireland as part of their Sky Sports Living for Sport initiative.

He will also feature in advertising promoting Sky's sports coverage and other services.

Beckham said: "Sky have followed my career since I broke into the Manchester United first team. They have done a huge amount to promote and encourage involvement in sport in Britain and I'm delighted to be joining them.

"I've always been passionate about the importance of sport in the lives of young people. It's not all about winning; just getting involved in sport gives you confidence and skills for life.

"I was lucky to have some amazing role models when I was younger, and I'm excited about the opportunity to work with Sky to pass on some of that knowledge to the next generation."

Jeremy Darroch, Sky's chief executive, added: "Sport is at the heart of what we do and both we and David believe in its power to excite, inspire and change lives. As a hero and inspiration on and off the field, David is a perfect ambassador to help us get more people involved in sport."

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