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Is this the Best holiday ever for Manchester United fans?

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Calling all Manchester United fans: it's time to cancel your fortnight in Ibiza because you'll soon be able to spend your holiday in the childhood home of George Best.

Number 16 Burren Way is a three-bedroom terraced house in Belfast's Cregagh Estate, which was sold recently following the death of George's father Dickie Best in 2008.

And it has now been turned into a tourist attraction, with rates running from £60 to £125 a night and stays of up to two weeks being offered.

The whole house has even been done up in 1950s decor to recreate what it would have been like when the young star was growing up.

Best family photographs have also been put up around the wall to give tourists a flavour of the circumstances in which the legendary winger - who once nutmegged Johan Cruyff - grew up.

Best's brother-in-law Norman McNarry has been involved with the project from the start, which has been run by a non-profit organisation called the East Belfast Partnership.

"We were faced with a choice, and that choice was will we simply get rid of the house and it's removed out of the family completely then? Or will we perhaps be involved in this project that is ongoing now, which means that people can come here and enjoy George, can enjoy the circumstances that George grew up in, can be part of the George experience," he said.

Best's family moved into the newly-built home in 1949 when he was two years old and he always considered it his home despite moving to England for his career. When he died in 2005, he requested that his funeral cortege begin at the house.

And the new project means that it will remain a shrine for fans of Best and United for the foreseeable future.

"It allows people to come in and see it and we think it's very sustainable and local residents, the local community, and the family - which is very important to us - seem very happy with that," said Maurice Kinkead of the East Belfast Partnership.

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