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Bizarre five-acre tribute to baseball star Jeter carved into corn field

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VonThun Farms

Derek Jeter means a lot of things to a lot of people.

Clutch ballplayer. Captain of the New York Yankees. Likely Hall of Famer. The Face of Major League Baseball. Romancer of beautiful women. Purveyor of fine men's fragrances. Protector of children's souvenir rights.

And now, thanks to a farm in New Jersey, he's a cornfield maze.

VonThun Farms of South Brunswick, which is a little over an hour away by car from Yankee Stadium, has mowed Jeter's telegenic head into five acres of corn, making a maze through which the public may navigate.

Along with Jeter's cap-wearing likeness and uniform No. 2 are the words "Von Thun Farms Thanks Captain Clutch," followed by a radio station sponsorship. It opens Sept. 20. has the "why?" — as if we didn't already know:

The corn-maze design was originally going to be a tractor with pumpkins in it, but the company that helps the VonThun family with its corn maze had a better idea, and it's still great in September and October.

"We are right in the middle of Yankees territory," said Cindy VonThun of the VonThun Farms. "No matter which way you turn, everybody just loves Derek Jeter. He's just the all-around good guy."

Hopefully, this also doesn't make Jeter a bigger target for alien abduction.

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The VonThuns say they hope Jeter, who is retiring after the end of the 2014 season, gets a chance to visit his corn maze before long. Sounds just like Jeter's idea of a good time!

He's been receptive to the retirement gifts that teams around the league continue to give, but it's probably a long shot he'll ever see his cornfield in person.

Perhaps if they combined the Field of Dreams motif and added a ball field?

There are two different paths you can take through the Jeter maze. The first is shorter, and includes an anti-bullying message from Spookley the pumpkin.

Jeter probably would be down with the pumpkin PSA. The second maze might take "an hour" to traverse, though Brendan Ryan probably would take half as long.

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