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Bradley Wiggins’s bike taken for crazy ride by stunt rider

World of Sport

Bradley Wiggins emerged from relative obscurity to become one of Britain's best-loved sporting stars this summer.

First he became the first ever British rider to win the Tour de France, then he followed it up with an extraordinary victory in the time trial at the London 2012 Olympics.

But spare a thought for his poor little bike. Its owner gets all the glory, while the machine itself - a £10,000 carbon fibre beast which weighs roughly the same as half a dozen hardback books -has the thankless job of sitting there meekly, mile after mile, while its owner thunders along mile after mile, day after day on dull tarmac roads.

That's the reasoning applied by stunt cyclist and mountain biking legend  Martyn Ashton, who decided to give the bike a taste of a more dramatic life when he borrowed it to make the extraordinary footage above alongside film-maker Robin Kitchin. Incredible stuff.

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