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Brazilian footballer out for two weeks with hiccups

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The unfortunate Lean-hic!-drão

A Brazilian footballer has finally returned to training after an epic two-week bout of the hiccups.

Defender Leandrao of second-tier side Caldense started hiccupping after a squad dinner before the start of their league campaign.

Players initially joked about the affliction, but it did not subside and the 27-year-old was forced out of pre-season training.

After local doctors could not stop the hiccups, Caldense sent Leandrao to Rio de Janeiro for further treatment.

They finally stopped after 13 days, and medics concluded a respiratory problem was to blame.

Club spokesman Gustavo Mendanha said: "Leandrao trained normally, but had to stop due to the endless hiccups.

"At first it was kind of funny and his team-makes were joking about it. But the hiccups did not stop. It's very unusual!"

Leandrao was held out of a friendly match on Friday, and faces a race to regain full fitness ahead of Caldense's opening game in the Mineiro State Championship on January 29.

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