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Brutal ice hockey fight ends in hugs and high-fives

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It seems like a rather strange thing to say, but the video of this frankly brutal ice hockey fight is actually..well..kind of cute!

Joel Theriault (in blue) and Gary Roch (in white) squared off against each other during a game in the Quebec Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey and proceeded to punch each other senseless.

After a minute or so in which both men landed some serious punches on each other, the referees finally stepped in to stop things.

Then came the strangely touching moment when both men high-fived and hugged each other as a sign of mutual respect after an epic battle.

Ice hockey has always had an interesting attitude towards fighting in their sport because, as you can hear in the above video, the spectators absolutely love seeing them.

It has also been a tradition in the sport since ice hockey's rise in popularity in 19th century Canada and is seen by many as an integral part of the sport's appeal.

Most leagues in North America allow hockey players to fight each other for a limited time as long as they drop their sticks and gloves beforehand.

Both players are then usually charged with a five-minute penalty.

In European hockey, the rules are stricter and players will often be ejected from the game if they engage in fighting.

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