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Chivalry is dead: Man jumps out of way, leaving girlfriend to be hit in face by baseball

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A couple attending a baseball match learned a little about each other - perhaps a little bit too much about each other - after a home run ended up hitting a woman in the face.

That would be unfortunate enough. What made it worse was that the ball was about to hit her boyfriend until he dived out of the way to leave her in the firing line.

The pair were at the match between the St Louis Cardinals and the Arizona Diamondbacks - and the Cardinals' Peter Kozma was busy doing his job and hitting the ball out of the park.

But even he was concerned as he ran around to complete a home run, looking over twice to check on the well-being of the woman.

As the excitement died down and it emerged that the woman was not seriously hurt, the St Louis announcer Al Hrabosky summed things up:

"Nice goin', boyfriend".

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