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Coach sacked for stealing credit card to buy 36 litres of Jagermeister

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A Croatian football legend has been sacked from a coaching job for reportedly stealing one of his player's credit cards to purchase 36 bottles of Jagermeister.

Josip Gašpar played 420 times for the country's most popular club – Dinamo Zagreb – and was sacked over Easter from his job as coach of Prečko – a team in Croatia's first division.

At the time it was unclear why he had lost his job, but now according to reports in the Croatian media, it is alleged he stole a wallet from one of his players while it was in the dressing room.

He is then is said to have gone to a shop in Zagreb City centre and spent £447 on 36 one-litre bottles of Jagermeister, using a credit card he found in the wallet.

Unfortunately for Gaspar, his actions were recorded by security cameras and, due to his fame as a player, police were able to recognise and arrest him.

Jagermeister is a 35 per cent German spirit which is often mixed by drinkers with Red Bull to create "Jagerbombs" that are traditionally downed quickly.

The cocktail has been criticised in the past for promoting binge drinking.

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