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Cow stops play at football match

World of Sport

A football match in Poland was halted for several minutes after a cow decided to show off its moo-ves on the pitch.

The lower league clash in Kielce was lit up when the football Friesian took to the pitch, stopping the game in its tracks.

Immediately, the players and the referee tried to shoo it off - but the animal clearly had a beef with anyone trying to cut short his moment of glory.  The cow was determined to milk it for all it was worth.

No, the cow was intent on showing its finest football manure-vres and bovine ball control as it wrongfooted player after play with a jinking run worthy of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sadly, the ball never came close enough to the cow for it to prove that its udderly brilliant skills extended to hoofing the ball up the pitch.

Happily, though, a quick-thinking fan managed to film the whole thing on his phone so that millions around the world can enjoy the spectacle of the centre-calf on the pitch.

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