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Dad builds amazing ‘Looney Luge’ course for kids in garden

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Marking out a football pitch or a cricket wicket in a back garden always goes a long way to endearing a parent to their kids and friends.

Creating a play area that is both specific and original is more difficult, but is not doubt a big winner when done right.

So when Jay Venini got fed up with his garden being covered in snow, he decided to make the best of the situation and delight his kids.

His incredible creation? A snow course he titled 'Looney Luge'. Yes, really.

In honour of the recent Winter Olympics in Sochi, he built the luge course which essentially acted as a wonderful slide for his kids.

Including a big sweeping turn, the course would have provided a great deal of entertainment as demonstrated below.

The proof was posted online with Venini accompanying pictures and a video with the message: "Long island kids having fun sledding on a homemade backyard luge."

Now it's abundantly clear where all the local kids should head for fun in the snow, and it's Venini's back garden.

His only problem now, besides maintaining the course, will be to host so many local children.

As one commenter on the video he posted online said: "Parent of the year for sure."

It will surely not be long now until 'Looney Luge' is a sport in its own right - a slightly less exhilarating but more enjoyable form of the original sliding contest.

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[VIDEO - Evans family have fun on luge course]

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