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Daredevil attempts to use umbrella Mary Poppins-style, turns out it doesn’t work

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Extreme athlete Erik Roner has asked - and answered - the question nobody else had been asking: when Mary Poppins flew off into the air holding on to an umbrella, was that the magic of Hollywood or could it be done in real life?

He couches the answer a touch more scientifically, of course: "I'm hanging out under an umbrella, under a hot air balloon. I'm going to see if an umbrella actually slows you down, like Mary Poppins does."

The answer is simple. For a few short seconds, it actually worked - it even looks oddly serene. Then a change of air pressure causes the umbrella to turn inside-out, and causes the lining to disappear. Take note, Mary Poppins - never fly too high and watch out for those air pressure changes.

Fortunately for Roner, he packed a parachute on this jump, and having lost his umbrella, lands safely on the ground soon after.

"You're welcome, science," concludes Roner, "for the big step forward. Nasa's going to be able to use that one for years to come. Thanks for the idea, Mary Poppins."

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