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Dog race ends in amazing triple dead heat

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Punters witnessed a historic and unprecedented triple dead heat in a race at Romford, with three greyhounds unable to be split by the track's photo finish technology.

Such was the incredible nature of the feat that bookmakers could not even calculate odds on such a scenario happening.

"The odds on it happening are many millions to one," said Coral Spokesman Simon Clare.

"It would be like winning the national lottery and then getting struck by lightning minutes later."

The three dogs were contesting the stakes over a marathon distance of 925 metres, the furthest that greyhounds race over, making the feat even more extraordinary.

"Nobody at Romford can remember a triple dead heat ever happening in a greyhound race before," added Clare.

"Immediately after the result was called one of the track bookmakers rang his father, who has been betting on greyhound racing since the 1940's, and he said that he had never seen one before in his lifetime."

The three dogs were in Trap 1, Killishan Masai (4-1), Trap 5, Ayamzagirl (4-1), and Trap 2, Droopys Djokovic (12-1).

The Romford managing director, David Macdonald, confirmed that the owners of all three greyhounds would receive a trophy to celebrate their unique achievement.

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