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Dortmund fans’ amazing Champions League display

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Borussia Dortmund fans - and German supporters in general - are renowned for their innovative and entertaining displays during big matches, particularly on Dortmund's South Terrace, which is informally known as the "Yellow Wall".

This incredible display was put on show before Dortmund's dramatic 3-2 Champions League quarter-final win against Malaga on Tuesday night.

Singing and dancing is heavily coordinated with Germany's football authorities happy to let fans stand en masse, something we've not seen in the English top flight for many years.

But the most spectacular shows of support have to be the large-scale murals supporters create using pieces of card left on their seats.

Such magnificent artworks require a full house and for all the fans to be on board - which is not a problem for Dortmund, who always pack out their 80,000 seater Westfalenstadion, charging adult fans as little as 15 euros for a standing ticket.

Dortmund's raucous fans have some form for extravagant displays, or "tifos" as they have become informally known - such as this giant skull a couple of years ago.

But last night's display against Malaga has to take the biscuit. Maybe their show of support inspired the team to their dramatic injury-time victory against?

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