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Dutch FA in clever anti-homophobia ad

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The Dutch FA has released a clever ad promoting the acceptance of homosexuality in football.

The commercial which has been shown on Dutch television shows a man in a closet playing football and then enjoying drinks with his team-mates after a match.

It then asks: 'Why not step out of the closet?' before saying 'Your team is on your side' and finishing with the tag line — 'Gay? There is nothing queer about it'.

Justin Fashanu is the only player in Britain to have announced he was homosexual during his professional career.

He played for several clubs, including Norwich City, Nottingham Forest and Manchester City, and, after abuse from the terraces, killed himself in 1998 aged 37.

A study of football professionals, coaches and referees conducted in Britain less than two years ago showed there was still a culture of secrecy surrounding gay players with more than one in four people polled saying they knew homosexual footballers.

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