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What on earth is going on here then? We give you the sport of Fierljeppen!

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Ever think to yourself: wouldn't it be great if they combined pole vaulting with climbing and got the athletes to fling themselves over a canal?

Not us neither, but now that we know the sport exists – we are hooked!

We give you the traditional Dutch jump sport of Fierljeppen! (No jokes about Dutch people liking to get high please)

The video below gives you a good idea about what this crazy, wacky sport is all about.

Sport Fierljeppen - canal vaulting in Holland by HereWeBet

We are still trying to grasp what exactly is going here but thankfully Wikipedia is here to the rescue.

"The sport involves a long pole and a body of water. The pole is between 8 and 13 m long and has a flat round plate at the bottom to prevent it from sinking into the muddy river or canal bottom.

A jump consists of a sprint to the pole (polsstok), jumping and grabbing it, then climbing to the top of the pole while trying to control its forward and lateral movements over a body of water, and finishing by landing on a sand bed opposite to the starting point"

Due to the make-up of the low-land Netherlands, Fierljeppen was invented as a means of just getting around in the 18th century but it has been an organised sport since the 1950s and the world record jump is an impressive 21.51m.

With some of the nonsense that is in the Olympics already, we wouldn't mind seeing Fierljeppen given its chance at some point in the future.

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