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The end of Spanish football dominating? Not if this amazing free kick duel is anything to go by

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When Spain lost the Confederations Cup final to Brazil last Sunday, plenty of voices in the world of football were quick to start predicting the end of Spanish dominance. Along with the amazing defeats of Barcelona and Real Madrid in the Champions League, it seemed like the mob had finally caught up with the king and removed his head with a guillotine.

We can see why. Though World of Sport is as big a fan as anyone of the magical skills of Xavi and co, seeing men clad in red shirts having a monopoly on lifting trophies was getting just a little bit boring. Perhaps we all want to believe that Spain will go back to being sport's greatest underachievers, the pigeonhole that we comfortably had them in for several decades.

It seems that all talk that the Seleccion was fit for the scrapheap once its current golden generation retires might have been wide of the mark, if this video of the nation's young stars in training at the U20 World Cup is anything to go by.

Sit back and enjoy the skills of Valencia's Paco Alcácer and Barcelona's Gerard Deulofeu, and get ready for another six years of Spain winning everything in sight...

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