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Entire football team expresses solidarity with banned player

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When a US schoolgirl was banned from playing in a football match because of her Islamic headscarf, her team-mates made an incredible gesture of defiance and solidarity.

Despite FIFA deciding that footballers can cover their heads with headscarves or turbans earlier this month, a US high school referee took exception to teenager Samah Aidah’s own hijab in Aurora, Colorado.

Aidah was prevented from participating in the match as a result, so next time out her team-mates – and coaching staff at Overland High School – all donned the hijab.

The whole team, not just Muslim players.

They posed for the traditional team photo, which subsequently went viral on Twitter:

Whatever your views on the headscarf – and in addition to FIFA’s statutes, the US constitution’s First Amendment supports the right to wear one – this is a touching example of team spirit.

Bravo, girls of Overland High School.

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