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Fairytale end for distraught robbed women

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Seahawks fans Sarah Agerup (left) and Nicole Hill (CBS screenshot)

Two women saw their dream trip to New York turn from a horrendous nightmare to a story of heartwarming kindness and redemption over the weekend.

Nicole Hill and Sarah Agerup saw their dreams come true as they secured tickets for the Super Bowl, and the Seattle duo crossed the country to support the Seahawks.

But as the pair told WCBS-TV, they tragically had their Super Bowl tickets stolen when Hill's wallet was pilfered at the San Francisco International Airport, while they were en route to the Big Apple.

Having suffered the nightmare of the tickets being stolen from their bags, a remarkable sequence of events unfolded that left them crying with disbelief.

First, Hill said she used a spare passport to get to New York and got a lift from a Good Samaritan.

"I had a wonderful New Yorker who drove me from the airport to my hotel last night," Hill said.

"You guys are great people!"

Hill was holding a sign explaining her situation when CBS's Lonnie Quinn pulled her from the crowd during the station's live broadcast and, as it turned out, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell happened to be watching the broadcast.

Goodell promptly asked league officials if they could track down the duo and replace their lost tickets, and everything suddenly turned out to be okay for the duo.

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell - officially a good egg

As the NFL came through with the replacement tickets, Hill and Agerup were left sobbing about how their rollercoaster adventure had unfolded.

"It has been a long 24 hours, I can admit to that, but we're here in New York, and apparently my friend is crying about something good, so I think our luck may be changing," Hill said to an NFL representative.

Going above and beyond what was required, Goodell met the two women Saturday morning on Super Bowl Boulevard to give them tickets to Sunday's game as well as the tailgate party.

The women were also afforded the privilege of being able to walk down the red carpet and attend the prestigious NFL Honors show at Radio City Music Hall.

It was later revealed that the situation was made all the more emotional for Agerup with her beloved Seahawks, who went on to win the Super Bowl.

Her parents met on a blind date at a Seahawks game in 1991 with her father, Brad, having been a trainer for the team in the late '80s. Tragically, a drunk driver killed both her parents in 2009.

So while the whole experience was bittersweet for both women, the self-proclaimed lifelong Seahawks fans eventually saw their nightmare dream trip turned into a most wonderful and touching fairytale.

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