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Fan takes out mascot for mocking cheerleaders

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Sports fans can get pretty protective of their cheerleading
squads - but one fan took things a bit too far at a college basketball match
last week.

The cheerleaders for the Mount Royal Cougars took to the
court ahead of an Alberta Colleges Final Four game being played in Lethbridge,
Canada, prompting the mascot of opposing team NAIT Ooks to join and start
lampooning their hilariously dull routine.

While such cheeky mascot antics wouldn't raise an eyebrow at
an English football match, it's apparently not the done thing in Canada - and a
Mount Royal fan became so furious at the slight that he ran onto the court and took
out the Ooks lizard mascot by shoulder-barging him to the floor.

The takedown delighted the cheerleaders themselves, who gave
their anonymous knight in shining armour a spontaneous round of applause - while
the invader was given an official warning by a security man.

But the Ooks mascot had the last laugh: his team went on to win
the match 95-82 before going on to take the overall title in the final the next


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