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Female cage-fighter lands 24-second knockout, breaks hand

World of Sport

Even if women's Mixed Martial Arts bouts fought in cages are not your thing, you would be advised to check this out, provided you're not too faint-hearted.

After all, it only takes Jinh Yu Frey 24 seconds to knock out Darla Harris in their cage-fighting clash at the Sugar Creek Showdown in Oklahoma.

It was Yu's second pro fight, but after the pair sized each other up, she was able to knock Harris off balance with a kick to the head before obliterating her with a crunching left.

The hit was so hard Yu managed to break her hand - check out the Tweets below, which include the x-ray.

Yu's pro debut saw her win by submission in April, so expect more from the 28-year-old, who has the brains to match her brawn - she starts graduate school in September...

Via Jinh Yu Frey on Twitter @littleroo1two

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