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Fighter spews his guts during post-victory interview

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Making his MMA debut in his 30s with a small organisation, Cliff Thompson did not seem destined for instant fame within the sport.

Thanks to an embarrassing incident after his second professional bout, unfortunately for him, he is now an internet celebrity.

Thompson won a three-round fight on Wild Bill’s Fight Night 57 at the weekend, though it’s the post-fight interview which garnered mass attention – as you can see above.

Interviewer George Kennebrew, lavishing Thompson’s performance with praise and labelling the bout a ‘fabulous war’.

But when he asked the winner for his thoughts on the battle, Thompson immediately ducked, covered his mouth and slipped off-screen to vomit.

Well, it answered ‘The MMA Encyclopedia’ Kennebrew’s question, at least.

While extreme physical exertion leading to regurgitation is a common occurrence, few can say that they had such a moment captured on film and become a viral hit.

The 34-year-old, now 2-0, can.

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