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Flooding leaves kayakers and canoeists filling their boots

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This week has seen several Olympic sports devastated as a result of losing their funding. British basketball was a high-profile disaster story as the sport lost its entire elite funding, just a year after winning it back.

UK Sport’s annual investment review of Summer Olympic and Paralympic sports did, however, see other sports get a nice increase in funding as the money from the unlucky sports was redirected towards those where we have a chance of winning medals.

And it seems that the sports of canoeing and kayaking now have so much cash kicking around that competitors are heading straight to the bank from training, whey're they're taking some of their funding money out of the cash machines. So long as weather permits, that is.

In all seriousness, flooding always represents a sorry sight for locals and nearby businesses - but members of local kayak and canoeing clubs in Cork this week took the opportunity to have some fun and go for a paddle in the streets.

The fine city of Cork has been flooded with water this week as a combination of tide, wind and rain brought the difficult situation to the city.

Cork's main thoroughfare has been lying under feet of water, with cars abandoned where they stopped.

In every difficult situation, locals who enjoy the great outdoors and getting some exercise managed to make light of the situation and even go about their normal business.

Flooding is a horrible fate to befall any community, but for kayakers and canoeists it represents an opportunity to get out and about, giving a sport recognition it largely only receives once every four years.

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