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Frederic Kanoute offers to pay for disabled fellow Muslim’s Ramadan support costs

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Kanoute in action for Tottenham, 2004 (Reuters)

Former Premier League footballer Frederic Kanoute has volunteered to pay for a disabled British man’s extra care to ensure he can properly observe Ramadan.

Imraan Adam is a 26-year-old from Derby who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. He will need support to help him eat, drink and pray in the early hours of the morning before fasting during daylight for the Islamic festival.

It will reportedly cost Derby City Council an extra £30 a day for two hours additional daily support, which they say they just cannot afford.

Ex-West Ham, Tottenham and Sevilla striker Kanoute, himself a Muslim, tweeted on Monday: "I need contact of br Imraan Adam from Derby. I want to pay for his extra care during Ramadan to help him fast."

Mr. Adam, who has earned a first-class journalism degree from Derby University, told the BBC: "I can't do anything with my hands and I need to be physically fed. It means I have to come up with the money myself - or I can't fast."

However, Councillor Mark Tittley explained in the same BBC report: "Given the extremely challenging financial position the council is in, and the substantial level of support Mr Adam already receives, it has not been possible to offer this extra support again this year.

"There is capacity in the support currently in place to adjust the timing and/or duration of calls to support the changing pattern of his day when observing Ramadan."

Observing Ramadan is considered one of the five Pillars of Islam. As such, only in special circumstances can Muslim adults be excused from the fast.

Imraan and the council were due to meet later in the week to discuss arrangements, and there was no word at the time of writing this whether Kanoute – currently playing for Bejing Guoan – was able to make contact with either yet.

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