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Free runner takes life into own hands with ‘Carkour’ stunts

World of Sport

A daredevil stuntman's Parkour video has gone viral, picking up almost half a million views online over the Christmas period.

The video - posted by Ross Creations - shows an unnamed free runner taking his life into his own hands by tumbling into, over, under and even through cars that are parked at traffic lights.

At one point, the crazy athlete very nearly does himself a serious injury as a 4x4 begins to pull away while he is still scrabbling to crawl underneath.

Even leaving aside the fact that he almost got a wheel driving over his head, he could no doubt have been nastily burnt by the exhaust, which can reach 600 degrees or more once a car is at full operating temperature.  Yikes!

Needless to say, we would strongly discourage anybody from emulating the efforts of this clown. Apart from anything, the ease with which he manages to jump through and then out of the open windows of a car strongly suggests to us that the whole thing is a lot less spontaneous and a lot more set up than it initially looks.

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