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Goalscoring goalkeeper puts one past himself

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Rogerio Ceni is a true one-off in the world of football: a goalkeeper with more than 100 career goals to his credit.

The 39-year-old Sao Paulo legend broke that record just a few months ago with a free-kick - almost all of his goals have been set-pieces - to become the first player ever to make it to three figures.

But Ceni has now added another, unwanted goal to his impressive tally with one of the strangest own-goal howlers ever seen.

The goal came in the 62nd minute of his side's recent Brazilian Serie A match against Nautico, when a punch clear was mistimed and looped high in the air before dipping just underneath the bar.

Neither Ceni nor any of the other players on the pitch could either stop it from crossing the line or get something on it to claim it as their own, and it went down as an own-goal.

Not that the goal mattered too much: it was merely the final nail in the coffin on a day in which Sao Paulo lost 3-0.

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