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Golfer’s wayward drive removes woman’s teeth

World of Sport

A golfer's wayward tee shot left a female motorcyclist needing false teeth after a freak accident in Tennessee.

The player - who has not been named - watched in dismay as his drive on the 388-yard par-4 14th hole of the Indian Hills Golf Club in Murfreesboro hooked over the course's boundary fence.

But his routine dismay at a commonplace blunder turned to horror when he heard the sound of screams and a revving engine. The golfer dashed towards the noise and discovered "a woman clutching her bloody mouth", according to the police report. The tee shot had apparently flown straight into the mouth of the unfortunate biker, who had been riding down South Church Street alongside her husband.

She somehow managed to stay on her bike and avoid crashing, but the impact knocked out "several teeth" according to the report. She was rushed to Middle Tennessee Medical Center for treatment, but was otherwise unharmed.

As for the offending ball? Police scoured the area to find it but without success, the officer conducting the search reluctantly reporting he had found several balls, "none of which had blood of them."

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