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Greek football team to be sponsored by brothel

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It has been well-documented over the last few years that the Greek economy is not exactly in the best shape.

Therefore it is understandably difficult for football clubs to ink sponsorship deals - but one team have come up with a novel, if somewhat ethically questionable, solution.

Voukefala, from the city of Larissa, have confirmed that the name of a local brothel will appear on their shirts as part of a new corporate arrangement.

"When we announced to the players that our sponsor would be a brothel, they wanted to know about bonuses," the club's president Giannis Batziolas joked on NovaSport FM radio station.

"The proposal was made strictly for economic reasons. As soon as the offer was made, we couldn't turn it down."

The president added that the brothel was "a legal enterprise valued at two million euros".

They are not the only Greek club to have sought out an unusual sponsor, either.

Another club, Paleopyrgo, struck a deal with a local funeral home.

"It was a matter of survival. The owner of the funeral home is a friend and we agreed," Paleopyrgo general manager and player Lefteris Vasiliou told NovaSport FM.

"The previous season was very difficult for us with the economic crisis. We did not have a sponsor for the last three years.

"The players now wear black shirts with a big cross on the middle.

"I showed the players the jersey and they liked it. We now have people requesting us to produce more jerseys."

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