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Half marathon runner misses turn, runs full marathon, wins anyway

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Meredith Fitzmaurice with her winner's medal (Image courtesy of The Windsor Star)

A woman running a half-marathon missed the turn for the finish line, ran the full distance, and ended up winning anyway.

Meredith Fitzmaurice was competing in the half-marathon division of the Run for Heroes Marathon in Amherstburg, Ontario at the weekend.

The plan was to use this race as a warm-up for the Detroit Marathon next month, the race at which she'd try to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

That was the plan, anyway. But somewhere along the way, Fitzmaurice missed a turn, and instead of running 13 miles she realized she'd run 20, and counting.

"I just missed it," Fitzmaurice told the Ottawa Citizen. "I didn't do it on purpose," she said, adding that she was "in the zone" with headphones on.

Once she realised her mistake, Fitzmaurice, while running, checked with race organisers to see if she could swap into the full 26-mile marathon since she'd registered for the half.

The race director signed off on the mid-race swap, and Fitzmaurice went on to win the race with a time of 3:11:48.

The icing on the sweaty cake? The time qualified her for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

By Jay Busbee, Yahoo! US / The Turnstile

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