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Handball player suspended for dropping shorts in front of crowd

World of Sport

A handball player has been suspended for two matches for dropping his shorts in front of opposing fans after being provoked in extraordinary fashion by an opponent.

Ivan Stuffer was lining up for Italian side Briskena against SSV Bozen in a championship match when the defender marking him decided to unnerve him by planting a kiss on his cheek.

The cheeky move worked far better than the Bozena player could ever have hoped: the enraged Stuffer immediately saw red, shoving his opponent to the ground - and earning himself an instant dismissal in the process.

But the fun was only just beginning. The home crowd taunted Stuffer as he trudged off the court, but rather than take his medicine he decided to taunt back by dropping his shorts and grabbing his private parts.

In doing so he gave a whole new meaning to the name 'handball', but his laughable tantrum didn't help to inspire his team-mates: Briskena went on to lose the match 36-25.

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