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Hat-trick hero tries to fool ref with hilarious fake injury

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Brazilian star Wagner Ribeiro showed his very best and very worst during an Asian Champions League match this week.

The 25-year-old had already scored a goal to put El Jaish 1-0 up against Al Shabab when he decided to get involved in an on-pitch altercation just before half-time.

The trouble had kicked off when El Jaish's Anderson Martins got into an argument with Al Shabab's Waleed Abd Raboh, with both players accusing each other of shoving each other in the face.

As the two defenders went forehead-to-forehead big trouble seemed imminent, and Ribeiro stepped in to try and mediate.

His rewards from Raboh was a mild shove in the forehead, the lightest of touches and something which Ribeiro barely appeared to have felt at first.

The ref didn't seem interested at Ribeiro's immediate protests - so after looking around for a few seconds he upped the ante by falling to the turf as if he'd been battered over the head with a baseball bat.

This caught the ref's attention, earning Raboh a yellow card - but when he realised he'd been duped, he also booked Ribeiro for his hilariously pathetic collapse.

Not that the incident put Ribeiro off his stride: he scored two more goals in the second half to wrap up a 3-0 win that all-but-guarantees his side a place in the Champions League knockout stage.

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