‘Horrific’, ‘humiliating’ Scottish athletes’ uniforms hammered

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The outfits to be worn by Scotland's athletes at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games have been roundly slammed as "embarrassing", "shocking" and "humiliating".

The men are to wear a "vibrant" blue shirt and tartan kilt with a "caramel-coloured hue", while the women will sport a "flowing wrap-around dress, giving the nod to the blue of the saltire". Oh, and a tartan shawl for good measure, along with a leather bag.

The Jilli Blackwood-designed outfits are supposed to "inject a contemporary twist" to the traditional tartan offerings used in previous Games, but they have been immediately criticised.

Many people commenting on the team's Facebook page made clear their disgust and contempt for the designs.

Laura Mahady posted: "Humiliating for anyone who has to wear these outfits."

Sharron Mag Bhradaigh added: "P45 for the 'designer'. That is just a shocking combination, total embarrassment."

Melissa MacLennan wrote: "What a shame for the athletes who have worked so hard to get to the Commonwealth Games for a designer to put them in this!!"

And Stacey Lauder said: "They are horrific."

Clare Louise Schoeman wrote: "I feel really sorry for the poor athletes having to wear it."

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Blackwood had originally pitched her designs by saying: "My brief from Team Scotland was to come up with a parade uniform that was high on impact and made a real statement, but also had a contemporary feel.

"There will be no mistaking that this is the Scottish Team as they proudly step out at the Opening Ceremony."

Scotland wrestler Lewis Waddell defended the outfits, by hitting back at the criticism.

"Thanks from all the 2014 Scottish athletes for the negative comments on here! We like it, we're wearing it, end of."

The Games, which get underway on July 23, will last 11 days with Celtic Park the venue for the Opening Ceremony.

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