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‘Human bulldozer’ rumbles for touchdown

World of Sport

It's rare, but once in awhile a football player is so dominant that he completely overruns the entire defense. In 2013, that athlete just happens to be from Canada.

Meet Jaeden Washington, a junior at St. Michael's College (Toronto, Ont., where colleges are the equivalent of American high schools). He's a two-sport athlete, starring in both football and rugby, and he's completely unstoppable in both.

Case in point: The touchdown run above. In one, 50-yard gallop, Washington broke 12 tackles and ran absolutely roughshod over the entire defense for St. Andrew's College (Aurora, Ont.).

The touchdown was one of many for St. Michael's in a 53-2 rout. No others were nearly as impressive as the one that channeled Bo Jackson's character from Tecmo Bowl.

Whether Washington would be as successful on the southern side of the border is a valid question, but one thing is certain: in Canada, he's on an entirely different level than his constitution.

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