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Is astonishing ‘human water catapult’ the next great sport?

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Crazy new extreme sport: Human Water Catapult

Welcome to the future of extreme sport… The human water catapult.

The pursuit involves people being flung 50 feet into the sky from a giant airbed and performing a series of acrobatic moves before crashing into water.

The competitor's launch is initiated by two adrenaline junkies leaping off a boat onto the other end of the airbed.

It's an exhilarating combination of events which generates rather amusing results as the above video highlights.

While still in its early stages, it won’t be long before judges are roped in, aerial routines are perfected and it earns official sport status.

It’s only a matter of time before holiday thrill seekers trade jet skis for the water trebuchet. And why not? It looks incredible...

What do you think: can you see the likes of British Olympic diver Tom Daley taking on the human water catapult and helping to make it the next big sport? Post your thoughts below...

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