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Husband ducks out of way, lets his wife deal with flying baseball bat

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A husband may be in some trouble with his other half after taking evasive action at a baseball game, leaving his wife in the path of a flying bat.

Houston Astros batter JD Martinez hit a foul ball and lost grip of his bat. It flew towards a couple sitting in the front row. The man, choosing flight over fight, bolted to the aisle for safety. The woman was left to stick her arms out to avoid the bat hitting her right in the face.

She was OK, but it was no thanks to her date.

The story has drawn comparisons with a husband looking to protect his wife from a ball a couple of weeks ago, only to be doused with beer as a thank-you.

Our lady here laughed afterwards and no beers were poured over anyone's head in public, so maybe all ended well? We can't say for sure what happened, though, when the two left the game.

Maybe the woman chewed him out for not being protective enough. Or maybe she agreed with his "every man (or woman) for him/herself philosophy."

The internet of course has its own opinions and — as is usually the case when something like this happens — has declared chivalry dead.

I'm probably not alone on this: I'd rather take a beer bath trying to help out a lady than be the guy mocked online for caring only about himself. Of course, a baseball bat wasn't flying at me as I wrote this.

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